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This page was last updated on: January 10, 2005
CAs Inigo said -
               This . . . is the beginning
For way too long I've been creating pages without a plan and they're all just hanging out there by themselves.  This is an attempt to put some order to it.
The "Wildernest" link takes you to a whole series of pages about our home in the country - the garden, the remodeling projects, the nook, and finally several pages on the addition to the house now under construction.
The "Movies" link is just one page that lists some of our favorite movies (with some links to their websites).
The "Dallas Places" link has our favorite entertainment venues and restaurants that we frequent..
The "Pancho" link  tells more than you need to know about the feline member of the family and master of the house..
The "Celebrations" link takes you to a collection of pages about family events.that includes our Thanksgiving site as well as pictures from Beaver's Bend and Olga's 105th birthday party.
The "Genealogy" link takes you to a page that has a series of genealogy related links about our family on the internet including our own site on the Family Tree Maker site...
The  "J E Flanders" link takes you to a collection of pages that include some of my research into the life and works of my great great uncle, Dallas's first architect, James Edward Flanders...
The  "C L Flanders" link takes you to a collection of pages that contain the poetry written by my great grandfather Charles Lorenzo Flanders.
I'd need to acknowledge the  "Homestead SiteBuilder" software that is fun to use and makes pages like these very easy to create.  When our friend Brian from England announced another visit to Dallas, I was able to quickly create "Bedkins", a page to update him on some of the changes in Dallas since he was last here.  When our HOA was considering a web site, I was able to create the "Ridgeline" site as a prototype to consider.  It's a great hobby that lets you share - maybe more than folks would like to be shared with! .
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