Here's a link to our other Dallas page - it's got a bunch of the things we do and places we go.
This intersection is just a couple miles from our house and it should make you or any other Brit feel a little closer to home - and just look at that 'neat big blue thang'!  (We do drive 'round this counterclockwise!)
This sight too gives Dallas more of an international city image than it had a few years back.  This is the Union Terminal station downtown. 
You'll  remember North Central Expressway and the LBJ Freeway.   There's now a construction project underway building a new intersection for these two freeways.  It's' been given  the nickname of "the high five". This picture was taken at the east end of the construction .  The west end of the construction is about two and a half miles away. That's a big intersection, (but then everything's always ...)..

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Click on this picture (which is part of The HIgh Five) and this will take you to a map of Dallas and you can click on any of the little yellow dots and get an almost live picture like this one of the roadways and surrounding buildings - it's a traffic control thing.
The same architects that designed the Ball Park in Arlington (above) designed the new home for the Dallas Mavericks (basketball) and the Dallas Stars (hockey).  The American Airlines Center is in the downtown Dallas area and is another great sports facility..
Brian - I'm not sure if all of this is new since you were here but  maybe it's informative anyway.  This town of ours just keeps on changing!
Here's a link to our other Dallas page - it's got a bunch of the things we do and places we go.
And you know that since we're always in a hurry we put "Toll Tags" on our cars so we can drive through a toll booth without stopping to pay the tool - it just debits our account.  Well - we've one upped that now.  With the new express lanes - we don't even have to slow down!  You buzz through one of these things at 60mph and your account is hit for the toll. 
Here's another webcam site. 

This will get you a close-to-live picture of downtown Dallas - a really good shot if the camera happens to be pointing in the right direction at the time
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And here are a couple pictures from the City Place stop.  The train is an underground at this point and this reminded me of one of the London stations.  The escalators get you half way down

to the platform here!

Click on the photo to see where Brian gor his impressive neckwear.